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Peel Region Numismatic Group (‘PRNG’) was founded in August 2003 for the benefit of coin and banknote collectors.

Numismatics is the collection and study of money such as coins, banknotes and tokens.

Members and Visitors can:
Meet others with similar interests
Exchange ideas and knowledge
Buy, sell or swap items

Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month (except January).
6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
A different topic of interest is discussed at each meeting


1 JULY 2020:
Meetings will recommence from Wednesday 8th July
We look forward to seeing you all there.


The meetings for 2020 are scheduled for:

12th February
Topic: Notgeld – Emergency Money


11th March
Topic: Changes in German currency over the centuries


8th April
Topic: Medallions & medals


13th May
Topic: Banknote grading


10th June
Topic: Foreign coin identification


8th July
Topic: Japanese Invasion Money


12th August
Topic: Coin grading


9th September
Topic: Security elements on banknotes


14th October
Topic: The deluge of coins to collect: budget versus collecting desire


11th November
Topic: Why are some years hard / harder to get?


9th December
Topic: Varieties and errors


All interested people are welcome to attend.

The venue for the meetings is Mandurah Library on Pinjarra Road.


For further information, contact Jo:
email: prng@southwest.com.au
phone: 0415 967 109

Stamp, Coin and Banknote fairs are held in April and November each year.
Each fair opens at 9am and closes at 3pm.

The next Stamp, Coin and Banknote Fair will be held on:

Sunday 9th November 2020

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